Da Spinoza a Lacan

2 min readJul 28, 2022


“le desir est l’essence dell’homme”

I skim this text and put it aside.

Yet, reading about Spinoza is always lovely, so this text is also friendly.

The first chapter talks about desire and love.

The usual concepts are resumed; now I’m familiar with them.

Conaturs, effort, appetit…

“le desir est l’appetit avec conscience de lui-meme »

The theme of imagination is not taken for granted.

The theme of imagination is not taken for granted.

Il tema dell’immaginazione non è scontato.

The theme of imagination is not a foregone conclusion.

Il tema dell’immaginazione non è una conclusione scontata.

Everything imagined can become harmful if it takes us away from reality.

Then on, Faith and Reason …. take up some aspects of the Treaty.

The linguistic analysis that Spinoza makes of the Bible shows how the texts are contradictory forms of discourse and forms of delusion. Yet from the analysis emerges a strong positivity of Spinoza’s thought, where love wins.

Then the theme of necessity and free will, which does not exist, is slaves to a mechanism and the reality principle. We ignore the causes of events and are ignorant of the causes that create the reality we see.

Truth is founded on nothing: VERUM INDEX SUI (the truth is funded on itself).

And politics must be founded on a rational and affective perspective, where your good enriches my good. The possibility of living together is based on the desire to satisfy my single desire fully. When people are rational, they willingly accept the constraint of the state, a behavior they implement starting with their free judgment.

I have stopped reading the text on page 114.

I did not find the curious sequel for me. I didn’t see Lacan at all in my part of the reading.




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