Francisco Ferrer Guardia

1 min readAug 29, 2022

The origins and ideals of the Modern School — Escuela moderna

I have not yet read this author and his book, but I want to note their name and merit before I get rid of the commitments of everyday life.

This is Francisco Ferrer Guardia

What strikes me when reading the life of this educator in a summary way is his persistence in following a perspective that we can call objective, that is, oriented to universal values that are of interest and echo up to today.

I don’t know the details of his perspective, but the echo that resounds from his life is that of a timeless and international commitment.

When asked where the idea of creating the Modern School came from, he replied: simply from my childhood school, but doing exactly the opposite.

Another author comes to mind whose pedagogy I have read:

A. Lobok, E. Matusov, Alexander Lobok’s work on probabilistic dialogic agencybased pedagogy, in “Journal of Russian and Eastern European Psychology”, 50, 6, 2012, special issue.

For my review on his text:

Different people, geographies, and times and yet a human truth to be defended through a critical, open, free education.




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