Identity and Teacher Professional Development

This text “Identity and Teacher Professional Development” arises for several reasons:
- Springer offers the possibility of having short publications and this is reassuring for a first experience;
- You are accompanied in writing and editing (thanks!)
- It allowed me to put on the table some conceptual points that I like to find when I reflect on teacher professional learning.

total of 4222 Access until today! Someone has read it, or at least downloaded it :)

Here is the review of the book:

Lan Yi & Ju Wen (2022): Identity and teacher professional development: a reflective, collaborative and agentive learning journey, Asia Pacific Journal of Education, DOI: 10.1080/02188791.2022.2107758

To link to this article:

I open a new line of posts: those related to my academic publications! It is not an easy exercise to verbalize the “why” and the “so what” of academic publications. I will limit myself to sharing some “sidedish” information about the academic paper/book.



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