Observe the first half-hour of the day

Observe the first half-hour of the day. A valuable exercise in understanding who you are.

Often in the morning, I wake up, and the first thing I do is think about the past. I stay in bed laughing at the expressions of colleagues and friends or family said the day before or a few days before. Incredible but true. Then the thought activates my emotional part of disappointment and frustration.

I noticed that this patter is activated automatically, without any real motivation and only for basking in something I already know, therefore comfortable and expected (they told me so, I answered like this + usual emotional reaction).

I have asked other people around me what happens in their inner life in the first half-hour of their life — as soon as they wake up in the morning

It surprised me that many have an opposite reaction to mine: they start fantasizing about the future, their meetings of the day, what they will say and what others will respond to them. So, the activation is anxiety.

This apparent diversity (projection into the past and the future) brings us together in the same sort: different thoughts in the same bed.

That is thoughts and emotions that go by to keep us tied to the bed, as usual, to our known and expected daily.

I wake up and find a message from an acquaintance complaining about her ex; I fantasize about my ex’s life; then a friend who invites me to go out as usual Saturday activity… all the same, I’m the same Maria from the day before and no Kafkaesque transformation. What if I changed my first half hours of the day? If I decide to be just happy in my first half hours of the day? So, I will get up of the bed for a once in a different beast.

The idea of this post is the expression of the « littérature of light » that was used yesterday in the « The conference of the bird » post. Some books are written to bring light, and maybe we need to voluntarily shout down people, emotion, trought and books linked with the dark, the negative, the dead. I remember that Roosa Braidotti (https://rosibraidotti.com/) said something like that one time: the need to choose a philosophy of joy.

We need to be free in the first half-hour of our day, at least in bed before to get up.




Academic researcher Education & Psychology. Writer of the imaginary #futureemozioni #innersensuality IT-FR-EN — Me, my main distraction — @maria_leisure

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Academic researcher Education & Psychology. Writer of the imaginary #futureemozioni #innersensuality IT-FR-EN — Me, my main distraction — @maria_leisure

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