Some notes from “The Awakening from the Meaning Crisis

2 min readJan 11, 2021

Keywords: Epistemic transformation, personal transformation, participative meaning

Feel others and feel felt. The event is one thing; the meaning given to the event is another thing — the process of giving attention.

Find clues about the lost information in the surrounding space. It is not me who remembers; it is the room that recalled for me. The brain adapts to the context, which is why it remembers the things of the context. My biological organism influences my feeling: pretending that my brain’s function is superior to that of another organ in the body.

Sometimes I am short-sighted in the soul, incapable of seeing far. I don’t know what I will lose until I go troughs this experience. My agency and my arena are at risk in the process of change: for example, if I become a vampire, I will not know how my arena as space of action will change in the new vampire condition. Another example proposed: Should you have a child? You don’t know what you miss/You became a new person. You don’t know what you will love/You are in an existential ignorance.

Experiment with play areas between two conditional state, for example, stay or not in the relationship. The importance of serious play as participation (or not in the situation). In this way, I can intuit / touch/feel how I could be in the other condition. The game puts you in a liminal position that allows you to see “through”. Develop the ability of Anagoge, or the sensibility in transcending in a view. The need to reframe, as do the psychotherapy or when we learn a martial art (re-play some situations). (Episode 17): some psychotechnology techniques provide helps and supports in the transformation.

What is real to you? What do you make for you? The transformative knowledge in the world: enacted Anagoge. There is a gap of bullshits, that means you understand one thing, but you keep to stay/do save another. Making sense includes the process of Coherence; Significance; Purpose (Episode 19) and the importance of the participant meaning, expressed in feeling and sharing with others.

Mind and matter are strictly INTIMLEY interacts: Cartesio gives us an unstable Grammarly of reality. In the time, we lost participative meaning.

Episodes 23, 42 and 46 are clear about the importance of how you frame yourself: or how you identify your relationship with your cognitive process and with your arena. This is important to avoid self-deception and arise the relevance of the path of being wise. Three concepts are considered as a base: the contextual sensibility; prospectus attention, the awareness.




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