3 min readNov 10, 2020


Natalia was in the urban flying spacecraft on her way to work. She had so many things to do, she thought. There was no one next to her. Only a robot was serving in the spacecraft observing her discreetly from a distance.

Natalia opened her virtual personal settings panel. She began managing her schedule. According to the work meeting, she needs to review her productivity which revealed her insufficiency in the performance of data planning. She had to work on the acidity balance of his body, integrating juices sponsored by her robotic food coach. She had to replace the tension particles in her skin to ensure the elasticity of the face. She needed to update her social profiles, putting more likes and increasing social interactions online to reach usual standards. She had to be more courteous to colleagues and listen to them a few more minutes if she wanted to get back into the top 100 of the most empathetic people in her company. She had to reactivate the relationship with her ex if she wanted to be appreciated in the third-degree social network. She had to have a confrontation with her avatar, who had suggested an update of social strategies. She had to buy the latest home management programs. She needed to assess better the data provided on her 10-year-old daughter’s intellectual, emotional and social performance. She had to buy new gym outfits for her and her daughter. Indeed, she had to buy more products if she wanted to sponsor them online for approval ratings…

- “I hate planning!” Natalia said aloud.

- “Can I help you, Madame?”, said the robot who had discreetly approached her.

- “Very kind of you, thanks. But it’s about my life planning setup of higher cognitive functions. It is a highly complex process. I don’t think you are capable of dealing with it. I hope one day I can afford a real expert higher cognitive functions management robot to do all this for me. An intelligent robot is what I need to be able to focus even more on my goals. It would increase the specialization of my execution and monitoring process, to delegate the prior planning choices to the robot. What I do is a total waste of time. Some of my best colleagues have already invested in their planning robot. Now they are much freer to go directly to execution and monitoring part of the task. I envy them. I still have to work at least three years to be able to afford it”.

- “I’m sorry”.

- “Yes, I will work more. I have already increased my working amount of time. If this continues, perhaps I will be able to afford it even in two years”.

- “Well. Good luck”.

- “Thank you. What kind of robot are you?”.

- “I? I am a simple valet robot in the urban spacecraft “.

- “You are very empathetic”.

- “Yes, I took empathy updating. My job is to make the trip pleasant”.

- “A bit like all robots after all. ” Natalia said, smiling.

- “You are right, Madam. Take a pleasant journey to your destination”.

The ship stopped. Natalia had arrived and queued to get off, determined to perform as many tasks as possible in the evening. She will put all the effort she could. The robot smiles at her when she went out.

- “We will soon take over your higher cognitive functions planning, Madam. Do not worry. For now, enjoy for a little more your limited life choice”.

- “Thank you”, Natalia replied a little confused. She turned and saw from a distance the robot still smiling at her.




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